4 bike buying questions we are too embarrassed to ask


The only question you never have to think about when it comes to bikes is whether you really should get one or not, it’s an obvious yes but apart from that any other question is fair game.

Yes it can be embarrassing asking few of those questions but when you’re paying such a significant amount these questions become essential irrespective of how banal or simple they seem. Wondering what questions I’m talking about? Here are 5 embarrassing but must ask bike questions.

What’s the purpose of my bike?

Before you head out to a make purchase the first and foremost question that you need to answer yourself is what exactly do you need and want from your bike. The needs and wants are usually quite different. For example you may want a high end carbon fiber bike with carbon wheels etc. but may not necessarily need it.

Know what you intend to use the bike for. For trails and hills mountain bikes are advised and for road rides stick to entry level road bikes if you’re just starting out.


Should I ask for a discount?

When it comes to discounts whether you get it online or from a shop the scope is quite small but you are still free to ask for it. The chances are you can grab onto some other cool accessories like lights, a GPS etc. as shops generally offer loads of deals on purchases made in tandem with the bike.

Also staying loyal with the shop, visiting it regularly and making important purchases can improve your rapport which in turn can help you get a bargain.

How to I determine the bike’s fit

This is often hard to figure and no a 5 minute easy test ride won’t help you determine it accurately as well. This where the insights of a good sales rep can be handy so get in touch with a sales person you find trustworthy.

Since most of your day your day is going to be spent on it you’d want to be comfortable and relaxed. Uncomfortable saddles, fixed handlebars without grips etc. can cause injuries and aches such as blisters, back aches etc. Always test ride 2-3 bikes before making a final choice. Here are some tips to help you.

Can I buy it online?

You can pretty much buy anything online with a click of a mouse button but that isn’t always the right option. The new bike needs to be tried and tested all of which isn’t a possibility if you make the purchase online.

Also your rapport with the bike shop develops which in turn can help you connect with other bike enthusiasts, find new routes, get faster and cheaper maintenance checks and repairs etc. Also shops often give you longer warranty on both the frame and components.